Monday, 25 December 2006

Simulate a laFonera

When you hack your laFonera and disable the heartbeat/autoupdate function or install a new firmware, FON will notice that and maybe lock your account.
I wrote a little bash-script which simulate a laFonera. You can run this script on your normal PC and it checks once a day if there is a new firmware version. I guess this check is the heartbeat of the laFonera. Older versions of the FON Router also connect but so far I wasn't able to find out if laFonera connect this website, too.
To run the script you need two things. First the public key of the fon server. You can find it on every laFonera. Download it with:
scp root@ .
Maybe you have to replace the IP of your laFonera. And, of course, you need ssh enabled on your laFonera.
Second you need the dropbear-ssh-client: dbclient In Debian the package is named dropbear. openssh seems not to work. Nobody knows why.

Download the script from my webpage (safe as)
Before you run the script the first time, you have to edit three variables.
FONKEY=/home/futejia/fon-hack/key #the path to the fon-public-key you downloaded before
WLMAC=00:18:84:**:**:** #the WLAN mac-adress
MAC=00:18:84:14:**:**:** #the WAN mac-adress

You can find out this mac adresses while running ifconfig on your laFonera. eth0 is the WLAN mac-adress and ath0 is the WAN mac-adress. You can also find the WLAN mac-adress on the backside of the laFonera case.

Now you are ready to run the script. Please report any errors and give feedback. I hope the script is helpfull.

And please: If anybody outhere knows if the laFonere do more heartbeats than downloading the firmware, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

cool, very cool :)
thanks a lot, dude.

marcoV said...

I cannot download
maybe your host is down

marcoV said...

false alarm, now it works...

Anonymous said...

bei mir funktioniert das script nicht richtig. Kannst Du evtl. sagen , ob das script als root ausgeführt werden muss. Ebenso habe ich auf deinem Downloadlink einen Bild von einer GUI gesehen. Wie kommt man da dran.


Sir Lorray

Anonymous said...


I want to run this script from my Windows XP... Do you know how I can do?

I also tried with Slax but bash told me:

* making connection to fon line 19: dbclient: command not found
* Can't find a new version
* going to sleep for 89635 seconds

I think that is not working because my slax don't have dbclient... It's true?


cobra82 said...
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cobra82 said...
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Anonymous said...


Nice script. But does this really/still work? Can I just run it from my linux server and not having powered on my FON router?

And doing so the spot on becomes darkgreen? And so Fon is thinking my FON is turned on and so they won't spam me anymore with mail saying my FON has not been on for the last week?


Claudio said...

the "" script is not working anymore.
They add more parameters to the ssh connection.
Could you please update it?